DAP Process to be Challenged in the Perth Supreme Court

Catherine Street Terrace houses

Tomorrow (April 3rd)  Angela Hamersley’s Supreme Court Case will be heard concerning the proposed Catherine Street Development in Subiaco.  This is a very significant case because it contests the highly controversial new DAP planning process, which is seen as a threat to the environment and heritage sites as it favours developers wishes over community.

Sadly, the Catherine Street Development has been approved by a DAP.  But it is being challenged in court, because many believe the RAR (Responsible Authority Report), which is supposed to consider all aspects of the site and surrounding residents etc., has many flaws. For example they have not properly considered how narrow the street is, its existing parking issues and the fact that the building will block the light of many local residents.  It will also destroy the old heritage buildings and Subiaco village feel. 

It has been a great effort by Angela to bring the case to this point.  I urge you to attend to if you possible. The government will take notice of the number of people present.

TIME :   The Court lists with the times go up in the late afternoon the day before (i.e. tonight).   See http://www.supremecourt.wa.gov.au/_apps/courtlist/Default.aspx later to get the time of the court case.  You can meet us in the reception area just before hand.

For more information about the development and contact details see http://saveoursubiaco.wordpress.com/about/local-contacts/


For those who don’t know what DAPs are, about 18 months ago the Barnett government introduced highly controversial and undemocratic new planning laws called Development Assessment Panels (DAPs).   Under this new law if developments proposals are over $3M developers can request a state DAP decision by a panel of five consisting of 2 from the local council and 3  state appointed “experts”, rather than go through the comparatively transparent local government planning process.  Any development over $7M now automatically goes to a DAP. Once the process has gone through the initial “transparent” stages and the community has had its chance to have its say, the process goes behind closed doors.  Then only the developer has the right to appeal on decisions which the panel has reached.  In some cases the plans have been completely changed, for example, they have gone from  a residential to a commercial development or extra storeys have been tacked on without the changes going back for community consultation as they would with the local government system.

What is a DAP http://saveoursubiaco.wordpress.com/what-is-the-dap/

Also see the attached information and there is plenty on the Western Suburbs Alliance blog about DAPs and planning process concerns http://westernsuburbsalliance.wordpress.com/

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