Questions for the Premier on the ABC 720 Facebook page

Colin Barnett (source

Colin Barnett (source

On Mornings, Premier Colin Barnett will be back in the ABC 720 studio after 9, for his regular chat with Geoff Hutchison. It’s the first time he’s been back since the state election. Submit your question for the Premier on the ABC 720 Facebook page

Our Question is about Point Peron. 

Mr Barnett, Point Peron was given to the people of WA by the Commonwealth Government in 1964, strictly for the purpose of “Recreation”.

Your Government in conjunction with the developer Cedar Woods, is proposing to dig out 80 hectares of it (about 40 hectares is designated ‘Bush Forever’ with beautiful big Tuarts) to build an exclusive CANAL housing and marina development. What’s worse is that, to get the boats in and out a channel will have to be dredge through the shallow fragile Mangles Bay seagrass meadows which is a marine nursery for species such as Pink Snapper, Herring and many others. 

Are you aware that canal developments have been banned in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania because of adverse economic and environmental impacts? Also, Rockingham is already over developed, Point Peron reserve should be kept as a regional recreational park and conservation area for the health and well being of local residents and to attract day trippers and tourists. How can you justify selling off this public land for luxury housing which will only benefit a few rich people. Another marina has been fully approved near the existing café strip in a far more suitable area with deep water. Are you aware that public open space is crucial for public health and quality of life?

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