Do youth really want purpose built ‘Skate Parks’?

Shared Skate Park

Share Path Skate Park

This video clearly shows that youth don’t want expensive purpose built ‘skate parks’, that get boring after a while.  They want diversity and new challenges, in interesting places.

Rather than pouring 600 tonnes of concrete smack bang into the middle of the Fremantle Esplanade Park and create a big heat sink that will cost rate payers $1.2 M, perhaps the City could build some awesome props (letting the kids invent new ones occasionally) and move them to different locations around the town centre for one month or so at a time?  How about more creative, less concrete?

Quotes from skaters in this film;

“Not so much a skate park, but just a general purpose area where you can play basket ball in or sit and eat lunch in or watch people skate”

“…when it is purpose built with ramps and all that stuff it is a skate park, but a ‘plaza’ as we all call it these days, is just a cool place to hang.”

If you look at an aerial map of the Fremantle town centre, there is hardly any green treed public opens spaces.  With the population set to double and all of the high rise the Mayor and council are  pushing  for, it makes you wonder where people will be able to go to escape the concrete and bitumen?

It also makes you wonder where they would have big events and concerts like the recent John Butler & Missy Higgins concert that attracted well over 15,000 people?  Half on one side and half on the other?  A football stadium would quite have the same atmosphere?

If youths really do want a purpose built skate park, is should be built somewhere else.

The City of Fremantle will be deciding on this skate park proposal very soon.  So if you want to have your say, send an email ASAP –   Attention Mayor, CEO and Councillors

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  1. Thanks Shaun you someone else said the same thing. Will get onto it. Much appreciated.

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