EPA Approves Mangles Bay Marina in Point Peron

Cape Peron 2010

Point Peron “the jewel of the south”

The EPA has approved the Mangles Bay Marina and canal housing development on public land in Point Peron (with conditions).  Read the EPA Report  … here

URGENT PROTEST – 8th May  Outside Cedar Woods office at 50 Colin St, West Perth at 10 am, followed by a march up to Parliament House to present a petition with over 8,000 signatures.

Please write to the               Minister for the Environment … here

Petition –  Please sign this petition urgently and send to the address on the form …  here

See the Hands Off Point Peron website for more details … here

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6 Responses to EPA Approves Mangles Bay Marina in Point Peron

  1. marissa poynter says:

    Leave pt Peron in peace

  2. James Mumme says:

    Yeah, predictable that the EPA would say yes. What’s significant is the conditions and the things that haven’t been dealt with like seagrass, mercury in birds and fish, traffic etc.
    We’ll need to let Ministers for Environment, Albert Jacob and Tony Burke know that we think this is an unnecessary, risky and expensive rip off of public land for private profit.

  3. Jacking gray says:

    I have signed the petition to stop development at Mangles Bay

  4. Alexandra Ermichina says:

    Hi there, is there a petition online?

  5. James Mumme says:

    No online petition yet. It’s under way.
    In a fortnight we plan to have two, one to State Env Minister Jacobs and one to Federal Env Minister Burke. Long way to go on this dodgy rip off still.

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