cedar woods canal housing 2

Canal housing/marina developments have been banned in NSW and Victoria, because of their adverse economic and environmental impacts.

The WA EPA is once again under the spot light as shocked conservationists and Rockingham residents struggle to understand how they could possibly approve the destructive “Mangles Bay Marina” canal housing/marina development within Point Peron.      Here

Many will remember the hugely controversial EPA decision and flawed approval process around the gas development at James Price Point.   Here 

Those who sent in submissions originally with concerns against the Point Peron development have a couple of weeks to go through the extensive EPA report and write appeals to the Office of the Appeals Convenor (OAC).

Here are some of the appeals so far in response to the EPA report;

  • Lack of rigour in assessing offsets
  • Hydrology and climate change not assessed
  • Bush Forever policy misrepresented
  • Saline wedge intrusion ignored
  • Mercury in birds feathers (dredging will disrupt mercury that has settled in the bay from Cockburn Sound industry)
  • seagrasss rahbilitation failure
  • Penguin Foraging Areas threatened
  • Risk to Lake Richmond Thombolites
  • More hydrology risks
  • Dredging exemption from publication
  • Plume monitoring inadequate
  • Seagrass trials fail
  • Lack of public disclosure
  • Lake Richmond water quality
  • Traffic impact on water quality
  • Ethically compromised Assessment
  • unfair process
  • Failure to take submission into account
  • Ground water
  • Diet and nursery sites
  • Timing of construction
  • Vessel strike
  • Coastal processes and climate change
  • Seagrass
  • Waste water outfall

There have been 19 appeals so far lodged with the Office of Appeals Convenor (OAC), closes Monday.    They are sent from the Office of Appeals Convenor to the EPA and the proponent (Cedar Woods) for responses.  After three weeks they expect a reply (possibly longer).

Then there will be hearings from appellants before the OAC decide what to recommend to the Minister for the Environment.

A Cedar Woods canal development

You do not need to be an environmental scientist to know that digging out 40 hectares of Bush Forever (70 hectares in total) and dredging a big boating channel through a shallow and sensitive seagrass marine nursery will destroy the environment. You also don’t need to be a scientist to understand that when you excavate massive deep holes in land and fill them with sea water it will effect fresh ground water.

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