• Over fifty (50) different grounds have been appealed on the recent EPA decision by 19 people including at least 7 high-ranking scientists on this logic defying EPA approval. This is a shockingly destructive canal housing estate and marina development, in a much loved and beautiful public coastal reserve. Shame on the EPA and shame on the WA government. They are taking the public for mugs.
  • Cedar Woods still refuses to publicly release their so called “Mangles Bay Economic Study”, which is being used widely to sway public opinion on their Point Peron canal development.  They forecast $1.3 b in financial benefits from the Mangles Bay Marina development for Rockingham over 20 years.  See 
  • Doozy of the week  – Though Cedar Woods are in partnership with the state government’s development arm (LandCorp) on the proposed ‘Mangles Bay Marina’ and they have eagerly invested a lot of their time and money on the process  so far, they  have told us that they do not know how much the government (their partners) would charge them for the land?   Apparently, the price has yet to be decided by cabinet and by LandCorp.  Pull the other one it rings.


Did you know that LandCorp was set up by Brian Burke?

We are currently waiting for LandCorp to let us know how much Cedar Woods will be paying for the Carine TAFE (70+ hectares) where about 150 Tuarts are to be removed for their ‘Carine Rise’ development?

Other public land that has been sold off or is to be sold of to developers include; The Perth Esplanade, Perry Lakes, Trinity Playing Fields, Coogee Beach, Leighton Beach, Claremont Show Grounds, Carine TAFE site, Point Peron.

It is  it is all for sale.  Max Hipkins the Mayor of Nedlands and former Director of Planning from the City of Perth explains http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPJBxlQYn-Q

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