Lifeline must lobby Government to protect green spaces and trees

down timeLifeline’s CEO Fiona Kalaf is on the board of the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) as the “Community Representative”

Do you suppose Fiona knows about Solastalgia? The amount of depression being caused in the community by trees and amenity being destroyed is huge.

A chorus of Mental Health Experts are telling us that nature and green treed spaces are very important for mental health. Our urban environment affects our stress levels. Suburbs with more trees have been proven to be more calming. See Apart from the visual calming effect, treed green spaces encourage people to get out and exercise and exercise is critical for mental health. Treed streetscapes and parks also encourage people get out and socialise, which is also very important for mental health. See this article by Richard Louv the founder of Nature Play and Green Exercise

What did Fiona Kalaf do to stop our beautiful calming Perth Esplanade Park and with its massive fig trees from being destroyed and replaced with a “vibrant” hard edged commercial canal development? It seems the WAPC wants to destroy our trees and calming green spaces and AMP them up, “activate”, commercialise, privatise and “revitalise” them with more “vibrant” bars and cafes. This article “Stress is sneaking up on most of us” (Below) highlights the need for us to distress. Lifeline must lobby the Government to protect green  spaces and trees.

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