Europe pulls the plug on its green future?

Solar panels spain Benny peiser article

How low can Rupert go?

The Weekend Australian, August 10-11, 2013, pg 17 (Inquirer)

Don’t worry if you can’t open this link on The Australian on-line site (you need to be a subscriber), because here it is on the author’s blog (Benny Peiser)  The Global Warming Policy Foundation .

Read about Benny Peiser on the ‘Sceptics’ Hall of Shame

Benny peiser

Note in the article Peiser says ” A study by British public relations consultancy CCGroup analysed 138 articles about renewables published during July last year in the five most widely circulated British national newspapers: The Sun, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Mirror, which enjoy a combined daily circulation of about 6.5 million.”  It must be noted that these are all conservative tabloid publications.  Talk about argumentum ad numerum .

Peiser is the founder of CCNet, could CCNet be conected to the PR company “CCGroup” who did the study or is this just a freak coincidence?

To understand the role of advocate scientists like Peiser and PR firms play in the climate debate watch this video with David Michaels the author of Doubt is Their Product .  Also see Naomi Oreske’s brilliant book Merchants of Doubt.  Both authors explain how the tobacco, fossil fuel industries and many others employ or sponsor dodgy scientists to raise doubt around scientific studies that criticize their industries.

According to the ‘Sceptics Hall of Shame, ” Peiser wrote a paper criticizing Dr Naomi Oreskes’ study which reviewed 928 research papers on climate change, finding they all agreed with the scientific consensus. Peiser claimed that 34 of these “reject or doubt” the scientific consensus for man-made global warming, but later retracted this, admitting that only one did.”

Like Abbott and probably even Nick Minchin, Peiser isn’t stupid enough to outright deny climate change, his objective is to play it down and stall action on it, blaming much of the concern on “media hype”.

As for the claims in the article, it is as though Peiser is blaming the global economic crisis in Europe on renewable energy and an nothing to do with disarster capitalism and an unregulated banking system gone mad

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