Developers to cash in on public school sell offs?

No doubt news that the government intends to sell off more public school properties has developers like the extremely profitable public company “Cedar Woods” positively hopping with anticipation?  See this article in today’s West .

Cedar Woods are the developer partners with the State Government’s LandCorp for the proposed Mangles Bay Marina private/commercial development on Point Peron public land in Rockingham.   They also got the Carine TAFE site deal with LandCorp and the St Ives Group (See Carine Rise).

The 7.93 hectare TAFE site has recently been bulldozed, wiping out bushland and about 150 trees. Local residents, activists and some City of Stirling Councillors tried to have the scale of the private retirement village and housing development scaled back and some of the trees saved, but to no avail.

The Carine TAFE site as it was before clearing and the approved Carine Rise plans

The Carine TAFE site as it was before clearing and the approved Carine Rise plans

You always hear that developers often get hold of our public land for a song? So we have asked the State Government to let us know how much Cedar Woods will be paying for the Point Peron land or exactly what they would be required to build to get it (see our post)?  We sent these questions to the Premier and various relevant Ministers, but we still haven’t received an answer.  

According to the State Manager of Cedar Woods, “they don’t know how much the land will cost them, it still has to be decided by Cabinet”.   Are we expected to believe that Cedar Woods has gone into this deal and conduced all of the preliminary planning and marketing work without knowing how much the land will cost them?  If this is true, then they must be fairly confident the Government will look after them on on price?  Acquiring land as cheaply as possible and selling it for a profit is what developers do and in Cedar Woods case, extremely successfully. 

See more Cedar Woods articles in The Australian  , including this recent one  Cedar Woods hits record territory (August 22, 2013 ).

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