Attempt to remove the Dadour right


The Barnett Government is trying remove (or change) a provision in the Local Government Act called the Dadour Provision, that gives communities the right to vote on whether they want amalgamations or not.  A decision could be made very soon.

Many WA citizens and politicians from both sides of politics are outraged at the audacity of the State Government attempting to remove a voting right from the people who elected it.

This was a hard fought for right, by Dr Tom Dadour of Subiaco in the 1970’s.  The reason he fought for this right was to help protect Subiaco (and the rest of us) against Premiers who might try to force amalgamations.

Liberal MPs are receiving a lot of complaints and some have a moral issue with this proposal which is causing some division in the party.

See this Media Statement by the The Dadour Group;

“The group is not advocating for or against amalgamations but rather seeks to alert voters to the deeply flawed morality of any parliament removing a pre-existing voting right from the people – its masters. Before Parliament can consider removing a right to vote from those who elect it, it requires clearly established public support for the move, otherwise it is akin to plotting treason.”

What we can do to stop this;

The Dadour Group is calling on as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, to write preferably hand-written letters to Liberal Cabinet members  and their own Members of Parliament warning of the fundamental immorality of usurping people’s voting rights (posted by this Wednesday 9th). There are always lots of contentious issues being presented to Cabinet – but not often moral outrage from citizens about the fundamentals of politics – removing democratic rights.

They say hand-written letters to members of Cabinet is the gold standard for letter writing.   Letters can be typed, but they do not have as much impact.  Letters posted after Wednesday will be far less valuable due to delivery delay, in which case emails then make sense, but they have much less traction because they imply much less effort and thus implied depth of feeling.   It is also the case that emails are much less likely to be read by the members themselves.

Contact Malcolm Mummery for more information on 04 37379095

See more on the at  My Local Government website

What people are saying;

Post Sept 2013

Post Sept 2013

Letter to the Post, 05/09/13

Letter to the Post, 05/09/13

Post 28/09/13 pg 11

Post 28/09/13 pg 11  


Stirling Times Sept 2013

Stirling Times Sept 2013


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9 Responses to Attempt to remove the Dadour right

  1. Paul Watson says:

    sooo…the moral of the story is….never trust the people??? What the..????

    • There is no moral to the story Paul, it is a fact. The State Government is trying to remove one of your democratic rights. You either value your democratic rights or you don’t. If you don’t that is your right.

      • Jesse says:

        Nice way to kill the conversation publicspacewa. From my reading Paul’s comment was expressing his disgust for the removal attempt. The government appears to be thinking “never trust the people” Paul is saying that this thinking is absurd “What the…????”
        Your reply sets the stage for this discussion space to be very formal which is perhaps why no one else has commented in over a week. I felt compelled to say something because if I was Paul I would have been hurt and discouraged from posting again.

      • Thanks Jesse
        For the heads up. You are quite right, I misread Paul’s comment and thought he was saying we should just trust the Government blindly. I have apologised.
        Thanks again.

      • Paul says:

        LOL…..thanks for defending me Jesse….and Leisha…loosen up…we are on the same team !!

      • Sorry Paul, I just read your comment quickly and misunderstood what you were saying. I should have recognised your name from FB. 🙂

    • Sorry Paul
      I misunderstood your comment. For some reason I thought you were saying we should just trust the government blindly.
      cheers Leisha

  2. Jesse says:

    Yay! It make me so happy when things work out and everybody is friends 😀

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