Logging ‘dries up WA’

Article from the Weekend Financial Review (16-17 Nov, 2013 p10)

Article from the Weekend Financial Review (16-17 Nov, 2013 p10)

Article from the Weekend Financial Review 16-17 of  November, 2013 (page 10)

“The report found 62% of the decline in rainfall in the State’s South West is directly linked to logging”

This isn’t new informatiion. The West Australian State Government have been told that logging effects rainfall by many scientists. However our Premier Colin Barnett is allowing logging to continue in our South West forests and in fact he is planning to increase it.

The native logging industry in WA is bearly profitable and only employs around 400 people. Corporations can sack 2,000 workers in one swoop and you hardly hear anthing about it. Native logging is costing us much more than it makes.

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1 Response to Logging ‘dries up WA’

  1. Nonie Jekabsons says:

    Land clearing needs to be discouraged for many other reasons too – loss of biodiversity and habitat and rising salinity to name a few. It has been clearly demonstrated that trees increase rainfall and Eucalypts weeping pointy leaves induce precipitation from moist air at night. Evapotranspiration is an important part of the water cycle as it filters the water on the way through. The uncertain water situation in WA has in part come about due to the corporate model of the Water monopoly with their emphasis on selling a product rather than providing a service.

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