The story of Elizabeth Quay by Dr Linley Lutton


Perth Esplanade Linley


It is obvious that we can’t get a better plan for Elizabeth Quay. The government simply will not listen and our professional planning and architectural bodies just don’t seem able to see the extensive problems so obvious to others.  Its story needs to be told in order to stop similar developments and hopefully those involved will be shamed into accepting that they should not allow this type of circumstance to occur again in our city. Perth deserves much better!

I have written this story for an international and national readership and have sent it to various worldwide contacts who have agreed to place it on their webs sites. People outside Western Australia will, I feel sure, be shocked by the insensitivity of this development and our government.

We should be proud that we tried so hard to get this government to listen to reason and develop a better plan – we will be able to tell our grandchildren that we did try.

Dr Linley Lutton  (December, 2013)

 The story of Elizabeth Quay by Dr Linley Lutton

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1 Response to The story of Elizabeth Quay by Dr Linley Lutton

  1. polemic01 says:

    If enough Perth people indicate now, perhaps by way of a pledge/petition, that they won’t visit the mess when Barnett’s had his moment of ribbon-cutting glory, then business support might fall away and the whole think prove uneconomic.

    But apathy… and the enthusiasm of cashed-up bogans for anything shiny and new… rules, as usual.

    I certainly won’t be going anywhere near the mix of mosquitos and showy boat owners that will call the place home.

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