” I would never be a part of that”

Colin Barnett promised three days before he was elected that he would scrap Labor’s foreshore plan because “people did not want skyscrapers on the city foreshore and the Premier’s plan [former Labor leader Alan Carpenter] would create an exclusive enclave for corporations and rich apartment owners”, according to the West Australian (see article below).

In terms of an exclusive precinct, Mr Barnett said “I will never be a part of that”.

Barnett's promise to scrap foreshore

Fast forward to 2014  – Corporate giant Chevon was the first to purchase land on Elizabeth Quay. According to state Planning Minister John Day, Elizabeth Quay is a “very high quality precinct in probably the best real estate in Perth in Western Australia”.

Now Ritz-Carlton has confirmed it will build a 204-room, $500 plus per night hotel, according to this article in The West Australian on the 27th of March on page 9.  Then on page 12 there was this full paged ad for “world-class luxury” apartments;

World class appartments compressed

Part of a full page ad from the West Australian

So much for not creating an exclusive enclave for corporates and the wealthy?

Perhaps they will stick in a few BBQs and picnic tables for us?

Well at least we can be rest assured that the Ritz-Carlton hotel will be family friendly, see their ritzkids programs.

Ritz-Carlton gives kids the royal treatment - Berlin

Ritz-Carlton gives kids the royal treatment – Berlin

Seriously though, it would be nice to have the enclave designed for general public use (including people on low incomes), after all it is being carved out of our heritage listed public open green space.

Here’s to the people (the ones that count)

champagne toast 2


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