ENMAX Park vs Elizabeth Quay

Recently unveiled ENMAX Park in Calgary

Recently unveiled ENMAX Park in Calgary

This is what should have happened to our Perth Esplanade public land and what should be happening with our Point Peron public land in Rockingham (instead of being sold off for the Mangles Bay Marina canal development).

See what Calgary in Alberta, Canada is doing to their city river front.  They have just unveiled plans for their river front public land – ENMAX Park!

Calgary is also a fast growing, conservative, resource rich city like Perth.

Just because and area is run down and neglected and needs a face lift. It does not mean that it should be sold off to private and commercial interests to be paved over with concrete and covered in high-rise buildings for wealthy apartment owners, exclusive hotel chains, corporations.

In Calgary;

   * They are keeping all existing trees and planting another 200.

* They are building a full scale native tee-pee village to show case the way their                        indigenous people lived.

* A “Western Heritage Trail is planned as an open-air museum, taking visitors on a walk        through time. Sculptures have been commissioned to represent milestones in Calgary’s        rich history.”

Our precious public green space is being sold off , it our duty as citizens to protect it for future generations.  If our population doubles, we will need more green space, not less.  Keep Perth special!

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