Proposed development on Arthur’s Head Reserve

Arthur's Head

Historical site – Arthur’s Head Reserve – Click on the image for more information

Historians, artists and many locals are upset about the proposed 1500 capacity concert venue and 850 capacity tavern, craft brewery, cafe and gallery space development at Arthur’s Head Reserve in Fremantle, one of Western Australia’s most important heritage sites.

FICRA (Fremantle Inner City Residents Association) have pointed out their  objections to the development and are asking people who may also be concerned to contact the City of Fremantle ( and have their say.  

According to “AWARD-WINNING author JOHN DOWSON, a former president of the Fremantle Society, takes aim at the council and its plans for the nationally significant Arthur Head. The long-time West End resident, a former deputy mayor, says the current council is immature and causing “breath-taking” damage.” see article on-line and below;

Arthur Head 19_4_13515.jpg lge

Some feel that the proposed venue is too large, calling it a “big booze barn”and Fremantle already serious alcohol related anti-social behaviour problems.  Many would rather see small bars  and more boutique venues that would be more appropriate for this important historical site that is so close to residents.

It must be kept in mind that the City of Fremantle is also promoting greater density with more high-rise apartment buildings planned for the centre.   It is hard to imagine how the noise from a large concert venue like this wouldn’t be a problem for residents?

With thousands of extra residents and venue goers, parking is likely to be a major headache too?  Try parking in Fremantle in summer as it is?








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4 Responses to Proposed development on Arthur’s Head Reserve

  1. Julian says:

    Melbourne’s Richmond Council was controlled by the Painters and Dockers Union in the 1950’s. It was claimed that many people moved to Richmond just because you could miraculously continue voting after you died.

    Good on John Dowson for speaking against the booze barn tin shed. The crazy double crazy aspect is that this experiment will have 20 years lease at the same rent as a wee shop on the main street. If it does not succeed due to the predicted noise and drunks in the street, then if Council does close it down, it will have to pay the owners compensation. How so very smart is that? Low rent, long lease, ability to extend onto other adjacent land and beach excludes other ventures, honeymoon rent commencement delayed. No soundproofing of the tin shed which will act as a giant sub-woofer. What is Green about that? Noise is the most insidious torture and the residents who did move into that revitalized area have been shafted. Music and brothels should be in industrial areas like Malaga and Welshpool, not under citizen’s pillows. Fremantle seems to have been hijacked by developer spivs.

    • Well said Julian,

      Interesting point, signing contracts on ludicrous deals that are likely to fail, for the compensation factor seems to be an increasingly popular business model these days? Time will tell if it applies in this case, I am sure many will keep a close eye on that?

      There is nothing Green about this development, though I am sure much will be said about solar panels and water tanks? Excessive noise is also a form or pollution, that is bad for physical and mental health.

  2. I really hope this goes ahead. There are too many old fuddy duddies in fremantle trying to block everything.

  3. bigjulie says:

    Well young fingerlimeswa,
    I live in Victoria Park and have so for 40 years.
    As a young married couple me and de squeeze found ourselves living near La Tenda nightclub.
    I can still hear at 1 a.m. Johnny O’Keefe (an Aussie clone of Elvis) singing “Move Baby Move”.

    I would not wish this type of cruel torture upon any Fremantle resident, even you from the wealthier hinterland. Nor should you?

    Where people sleep is sacred ground. Drink & whoop in the empty industrial areas.

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