DAP Affected Communities – Public Meeting Video

DAP meeting video image Click here to view video

On Wednesday the 29th of July, 2015, over 130 residents from South Perth and surrounding areas including representatives from Point Peron, Mandurah and Serpentine Jarrahdale, attending a public meeting on Thursday night at the Como Bowling Club. The tenet of the meeting was ‘Scrap the DAP’ and ‘Sack the SAT’ following residents’ incredulity at recent DAP decisions. 

Of great concern were the rights as landowners and residents, being severely destroyed by the unelected, unaccountable, unrepresented and misguided Development Application Panels (DAPs) in Western Australia.

16 ministers, members and leaders from local, state and federal agencies were invited (see list attached) but only Lynn McLaren from the Greens party, attended along with the later arrival of Steve Irons from the Liberal party showing support for the residents.

13 residents spoke about major issues with the DAP, the lack of third party appeal rights and the derogatory use of the word NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). Speakers represented Alfred Cove, Dalkieth, West Leederville, Maylands, South Perth, Cottesloe, Serpentine Jarrahdale, Mt Hawthorn, Mandurah and Subiaco – each with disturbing details of the lack of foresight and empathy displayed by the DAP in their deliberations, ignoring residents’ concerns about height, set backs, historical heritage guidelines and traffic management/infrastructure.

‘A relaxation clause in the local policy in regard to the height of a new development was taken out of context,’ stated Ms Vicki Redden from South Perth, commenting on one of DAPs most recent abominations.

‘Relaxation in this context meant one or two storeys above the norm but for the DAP to allow a 400% increase is a mockery’, she added.

Other examples were given where the DAP had even contravened traffic reports from the Main Roads Department, lack of infrastructure, amenity and set backs. The list was endless.

Seven motions were put and carried and will be delivered to the Hon Kate Doust along with the video of the meeting.

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1 Response to DAP Affected Communities – Public Meeting Video

  1. lynn Deering says:

    Is anything being done about the townsite of Guildford? A national heritage precint which is about to have a “5 storey” building dropped behind the Guildford Hotel? The impact upon the street scape is enormous, apartments will over shadow the existing buildings and remove the charm of yesteryear. A victorian settlement, within walking distance, tree lined streets and small shops with distinct character…When the developer brought in to Guildford he knew it had heritage guidelines and requirements, painting requirements ( Why is the building now dull contemporary – grey and white?) The guidelines existed and allowed for set backs and facades including 3 storeys.
    Yet ? The Planning Minister has overuled the Council and residents; and changing the heritage requirements to suit a developer? changing the guideliens because of viability ? Waht about the dmamge to those who live locally and their historical homes -can we claim viability?
    Are resident’s views not relevant? There are over 500 appartments planned for Perth city and we as a state and nation think it is alright to destroy the only, living historical village that remains? The precident this building makes is obvious. Do you think people come here only to experience an air conditioned apartment? I urge everyone to question this decision – Guildford is the crown and the hotel the jewel and heritage cannot be restored once it is gone. e.g. the Rose and Crown tunnel to the river -now filled with concrete. We must protest at poor planning, poor decisions and a state government that does not listen to the people, nor recognise or values heritage guidelines. The Heritage Council has become redundant

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