Barnett’s War on Trees

Now it is the Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital bushland and its magnificent mature shade trees under threat!

Shenton Rehab bush under threat

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Civilized cities in developed countries (and even many developing counties) are working on strategies to increase their urban tree canopies to protect their citizens from increasing urban temperatures.  But our draconian, stuck in the 70’s, Barnett State Government is allowing developers to bulldoze as many trees as they like at will.

The even scarier thing is that one of the worst offending developer in WA is the State Government themselves – Landcorp.

Shenton Rehab bush in firing line

The Post, 16 January 2016, pages 24-25

Shenton Rehab bush in firing line p45

The State Government has a duty to create planning laws that protect its citizens and  the Urban Heat Island is a serious public health issue.  Heat related deaths in WA (and Australia) exceed the Road Toll.  It is internationally accepted that the best way to mitigate urban heat is with by increasing tree canopy cover.

The Global Economic Forum – Global Risks 2015 report, cites about 17 threats to humanity. One is a “Failure of Urban Planning” and other is “Failure of Climate-Change Adaption“.  This Government has a whopping great ‘F’ in both.


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2 Responses to Barnett’s War on Trees

  1. Nonie Jekabsons says:

    “F” fail indeed. Going backwards. Excuse me but why does Landcorp seek to “redevelop” sites which are already developed as public facilities, open space, parkland etc into housing? Surely TOD developments should be retaining and enhancing facilities, meanwhile upgrading housing on the sites of extant poor quality or “slum” housing, or perhaps adding a few more stories above shopping malls, retirement villages and other large parcels which currently occupy single storey surrounded by parking UHIE desert? Consuming green space for housing completely misses the point of “infill”.

  2. bigjulie says:

    Selling off the public land is a contagious mental disease transmitted between shallow people.

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