Cape Peron Coastal Park an economic imperative for WA

See this slideshow presentation and find out why we need to expand our tourism industry, what tourists really want and why protecting Point Peron in its entirety, is an economic imperative for Rockingham and WA ;                                                                                        Cape Peron Coastal Park an economic imperative for Rockingham and WA

WA’s economy is rapidly deteriorating.   Economists and business leaders are warning that we must reduce our dependence on the resources and housing sectors.     They say we must become more innovative and focus on exporting a more diverse range of goods and services and promote our natural assets.   Tourism has been identified as one of the biggest areas of potential export growth for Australia and Western Australia, it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

To expand our tourism industry, we must get our product right.  The type of tourism that we develop and promote must be based on reliable market research.  Extensive market research shows that the majority of tourists want nature and natural environments over all other types of attractions.

TRA food and wine 81%

We must save this precious and valuable public asset for our economy and for future generations to enjoy.

Point Peron collage

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Petition to ban canal estates in WA

WAPC header

Rather than banning ‘Canal Estates’ our WA Planning Commission is promoting them? (screen shot 25/09/14)

Please see our  Petition to ban canal estate developments in WA , to be returned by Monday 13th of October 2014.

According to the WAPC, definition of Canal Estate is as follows;

Appendix 4 - Definitions  pg 45, Development Control Policy 1.8 Canal estates and artificial waterway developments

Artificial Waterways definintion 23 Oct 2014See Development Control Policy 1.8 Canal Estates and Artificial Waterway Developments page 45 (as at 19th September, 2014).

Canal estates have been banned in NSWVictoria and on the Gold Coast, because of their many adverse environmental and economic impacts, which include; Continue reading

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Petition – call for inquiry into proposed amalgamations in Western Australia

Please see the WSA Petition for an inquiry into proposed amalgamations in Western Australia 

This is a petition by the Western Suburburbs Alliance  (WSA) requesting an urgent inquiry into the proposal to radically and completely restructure the existing community-based system of local government by abolishing all but three (as at 9 September 2014) of the existing Metropolitan local councils.

This proposal is of such magnitude and based on so little actual, factual
and evidenced-based argument, the Legislative Council, acting in its Constitutional role as a House of Review, urgently instigate an independent review of the radical proposal to abolish and completely restructure the existing, well founded
community-based system of local government in the Perth Metropolitan area.

To be returned to my letterbox at 7 Alexander Place, Dalkeith or be delivered to PO Box 634, Claremont by the  close of business on Friday 10th October to allow us to collate it with other copies which are circulating on the south side of the river.  The petition will then be presented to the Hon Simon O’Brien who will table it in the Legislative Council on Tuesday 14th October.

For more information see  WSA letter re Petition

Visit the WSA blog

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Motion to increase tree canopy

Councillor Chris Cornish from the City of Bayswater has submitted a motion to be debated at the next council meeting on the 23rd of September.  It relates to increasing the tree canopy in the City from 13.2% to ‘20% by 2025’ to reduce urban heat  See YouTube video

Chris Cornish

Chris asks those who would like to support the motion to contact the Mayor and Councillors before the meeting;;;;;;

(Include your full name and full address)

Please share, especially with friends who live in Bayswater, Bedford, Dianella, Embleton, Mount Lawley, Maylands, Morley, Beechboro and Noranda.

Tweet this  or you can comment on DPSWA on Facebook or @PublicSpacesWA  on Twitter (#urbangreening #UHIE #CityofBayswater)



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ENMAX Park vs Elizabeth Quay

Recently unveiled ENMAX Park in Calgary

Recently unveiled ENMAX Park in Calgary

This is what should have happened to our Perth Esplanade public land and what should be happening with our Point Peron public land in Rockingham (instead of being sold off for the Mangles Bay Marina canal development).

See what Calgary in Alberta, Canada is doing to their city river front.  They have just unveiled plans for their river front public land – ENMAX Park!

Calgary is also a fast growing, conservative, resource rich city like Perth.

Just because and area is run down and neglected and needs a face lift. It does not mean that it should be sold off to private and commercial interests to be paved over with concrete and covered in high-rise buildings for wealthy apartment owners, exclusive hotel chains, corporations.

In Calgary;

   * They are keeping all existing trees and planting another 200.

* They are building a full scale native tee-pee village to show case the way their                        indigenous people lived.

* A “Western Heritage Trail is planned as an open-air museum, taking visitors on a walk        through time. Sculptures have been commissioned to represent milestones in Calgary’s        rich history.”

Our precious public green space is being sold off , it our duty as citizens to protect it for future generations.  If our population doubles, we will need more green space, not less.  Keep Perth special!

See the numerous articles listed here

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How about an Ocean Pool for Cottesloe Beach?

Proposed Ocean Pool for Cottesloe Beach

Proposed Ocean Pool for Cottesloe Beach

The Town of Cottesloe is calling for submissions from the public for the review of its Beach Policy.

If you would like to see an Ocean Pool at Cottesloe beach (or if you have any other ideas or issues about Cottesloe beaches), now is the time to send a quick email to the CEO of the Town of Cottesloe and let him know;

Mr Carl Askew

Submissions close at 4pm on Monday the 28th of July.

(Note – This does not need to be a lengthy detailed document. A very brief email is fine. But make sure you include your name and address).

See Review of Beach Policy – Town of Cottesloe  

For more information see and  Ocean Pools for Perth on Facebook.

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WORLD CITIES 2014 Report By Max Hipkins

World Summit Report image
Singapore, June 2014
Conference Report
By Max Hipkins, Mayor
City of Nedlands, Western Australia
WORLD CITIES Summit- 2014- Max Hipkins

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Extending Activity Centre Design Forum

Extending Activity Centre Design top imageThis Forum; “Extending Activity Centre Design” on the 4th of June features Andrew Hammond from Brisbane, and Andy Sharp from Curtin University Perth. Andrew Hammond is a leading specialist and trainer in Urban Design, and his training courses will normally cost well over $1,000.

Andy Sharp has been spearheading the Curtin University Activity Centre plan, and will highlight the unique differences in tackling non-standard Activity Centres. Don’t miss the opportunity for your staff to hear from these leading speakers (for only $5).

Extending Activity Centre Design middle  image

TO RSVP, EMAIL “RSVP” to  BY 2nd June.

Extending Activity Centre Design details  image


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” I would never be a part of that”

Colin Barnett promised three days before he was elected that he would scrap Labor’s foreshore plan because “people did not want skyscrapers on the city foreshore and the Premier’s plan [former Labor leader Alan Carpenter] would create an exclusive enclave for corporations and rich apartment owners”, according to the West Australian (see article below).

In terms of an exclusive precinct, Mr Barnett said “I will never be a part of that”.

Barnett's promise to scrap foreshore

Fast forward to 2014  – Corporate giant Chevon was the first to purchase land on Elizabeth Quay. According to state Planning Minister John Day, Elizabeth Quay is a “very high quality precinct in probably the best real estate in Perth in Western Australia”.

Now Ritz-Carlton has confirmed it will build a 204-room, $500 plus per night hotel, according to this article in The West Australian on the 27th of March on page 9.  Then on page 12 there was this full paged ad for “world-class luxury” apartments;

World class appartments compressed

Part of a full page ad from the West Australian

So much for not creating an exclusive enclave for corporates and the wealthy?

Perhaps they will stick in a few BBQs and picnic tables for us?

Well at least we can be rest assured that the Ritz-Carlton hotel will be family friendly, see their ritzkids programs.

Ritz-Carlton gives kids the royal treatment - Berlin

Ritz-Carlton gives kids the royal treatment – Berlin

Seriously though, it would be nice to have the enclave designed for general public use (including people on low incomes), after all it is being carved out of our heritage listed public open green space.

Here’s to the people (the ones that count)

champagne toast 2


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The story of Elizabeth Quay by Dr Linley Lutton


Perth Esplanade Linley


It is obvious that we can’t get a better plan for Elizabeth Quay. The government simply will not listen and our professional planning and architectural bodies just don’t seem able to see the extensive problems so obvious to others.  Its story needs to be told in order to stop similar developments and hopefully those involved will be shamed into accepting that they should not allow this type of circumstance to occur again in our city. Perth deserves much better!

I have written this story for an international and national readership and have sent it to various worldwide contacts who have agreed to place it on their webs sites. People outside Western Australia will, I feel sure, be shocked by the insensitivity of this development and our government.

We should be proud that we tried so hard to get this government to listen to reason and develop a better plan – we will be able to tell our grandchildren that we did try.

Dr Linley Lutton  (December, 2013)

 The story of Elizabeth Quay by Dr Linley Lutton

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