DAP Affected Communities – Public Meeting Video

DAP meeting video image Click here to view video

On Wednesday the 29th of July, 2015, over 130 residents from South Perth and surrounding areas including representatives from Point Peron, Mandurah and Serpentine Jarrahdale, attending a public meeting on Thursday night at the Como Bowling Club. The tenet of the meeting was ‘Scrap the DAP’ and ‘Sack the SAT’ following residents’ incredulity at recent DAP decisions.  Continue reading

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Proposed development on Arthur’s Head Reserve

Arthur's Head

Historical site – Arthur’s Head Reserve – Click on the image for more information

Historians, artists and many locals are upset about the proposed 1500 capacity concert venue and 850 capacity tavern, craft brewery, cafe and gallery space development at Arthur’s Head Reserve in Fremantle, one of Western Australia’s most important heritage sites.

FICRA (Fremantle Inner City Residents Association) have pointed out their  objections to the development and are asking people who may also be concerned to contact the City of Fremantle (planning@fremantle.wa.gov.au) and have their say.   Continue reading

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Why we must #ScraptheDAP

The State Government’s highly controversial Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) planning approval process is under increasing scrutiny.

DAPs were introduced by the Minister for Planning in July, 2011, “he said they would streamline the planning process, make the system more flexible and be more transparent.”

There were warnings by planning experts about the dangers of DAPs before they were introduced.  Here is a excellent paper by Denis MacLeod, a leading planning lawyer, at a Local Government forum in October 2009.

Then one year after the system had been introduced, in 2012, Ian MacRae, President of Local Government Planners Association, delivered this paper at the UWA.  More information about DAP concerns can be found here on Councillor Julie Matheson’s page.

Unsurprisingly, we are now seeing a growing number of residents and Local Government Councillors from all over Perth up in arms and speaking out, over what they see as an inherently flawed, undemocratic system that favours developers and gives them no say or right to appeal (third party appeal rights) against inappropriate developments in their areas that negatively affect them.   Continue reading

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Cape Peron Coastal Park an economic imperative for WA

See this slideshow presentation and find out why we need to expand our tourism industry, what tourists really want and why protecting Point Peron in its entirety, is an economic imperative for Rockingham and WA ;                                                                                        Cape Peron Coastal Park an economic imperative for Rockingham and WA

WA’s economy is rapidly deteriorating.   Economists and business leaders are warning that we must reduce our dependence on the resources and housing sectors.     They say we must become more innovative and focus on exporting a more diverse range of goods and services and promote our natural assets.   Tourism has been identified as one of the biggest areas of potential export growth for Australia and Western Australia, it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

To expand our tourism industry, we must get our product right.  The type of tourism that we develop and promote must be based on reliable market research.  Extensive market research shows that the majority of tourists want nature and natural environments over all other types of attractions.

TRA food and wine 81%

We must save this precious and valuable public asset for our economy and for future generations to enjoy.

Point Peron collage

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Petition to ban canal estates in WA

WAPC header

Rather than banning ‘Canal Estates’ our WA Planning Commission is promoting them? (screen shot 25/09/14)

Please see our  Petition to ban canal estate developments in WA , to be returned by Monday 13th of October 2014.

According to the WAPC, definition of Canal Estate is as follows;

Appendix 4 - Definitions  pg 45, Development Control Policy 1.8 Canal estates and artificial waterway developments

Artificial Waterways definintion 23 Oct 2014See Development Control Policy 1.8 Canal Estates and Artificial Waterway Developments page 45 (as at 19th September, 2014).

Canal estates have been banned in NSWVictoria and on the Gold Coast, because of their many adverse environmental and economic impacts, which include; Continue reading

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Petition – call for inquiry into proposed amalgamations in Western Australia

Please see the WSA Petition for an inquiry into proposed amalgamations in Western Australia 

This is a petition by the Western Suburburbs Alliance  (WSA) requesting an urgent inquiry into the proposal to radically and completely restructure the existing community-based system of local government by abolishing all but three (as at 9 September 2014) of the existing Metropolitan local councils.

This proposal is of such magnitude and based on so little actual, factual
and evidenced-based argument, the Legislative Council, acting in its Constitutional role as a House of Review, urgently instigate an independent review of the radical proposal to abolish and completely restructure the existing, well founded
community-based system of local government in the Perth Metropolitan area.

To be returned to my letterbox at 7 Alexander Place, Dalkeith or be delivered to PO Box 634, Claremont by the  close of business on Friday 10th October to allow us to collate it with other copies which are circulating on the south side of the river.  The petition will then be presented to the Hon Simon O’Brien who will table it in the Legislative Council on Tuesday 14th October.

For more information see  WSA letter re Petition

Visit the WSA blog

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Motion to increase tree canopy

Councillor Chris Cornish from the City of Bayswater has submitted a motion to be debated at the next council meeting on the 23rd of September.  It relates to increasing the tree canopy in the City from 13.2% to ‘20% by 2025’ to reduce urban heat  See YouTube video

Chris Cornish

Chris asks those who would like to support the motion to contact the Mayor and Councillors before the meeting;

sylvan.albert@bayswater.wa.gov.au; rifici@ScoopProperty.com.au; terry.kenyon@bayswater.wa.gov.aumartin.toldo@bayswater.wa.gov.austeph@stephcoates.com.aumike.sabatino@bayswater.wa.gov.aubarry.mckenna1@bigpond.com.au; chris.cornish@avantfinancial.com.au; maipsolutions@live.com.au; cr.radford@bigpond.commichelle.sutherland@bayswater.wa.gov.au

(Include your full name and full address)

Please share, especially with friends who live in Bayswater, Bedford, Dianella, Embleton, Mount Lawley, Maylands, Morley, Beechboro and Noranda.

Tweet this  or you can comment on DPSWA on Facebook or @PublicSpacesWA  on Twitter (#urbangreening #UHIE #CityofBayswater)



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